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Feb 5, 2010

Thinking Purple-Pink

Looking forward to more purple-pinks in the garden this summer. Right now it looks pretty white, with more snow expected! In the woods it's okay, but in my backyard? I'm imagining summer pinks!


Rose said...

I'm getting through this winter, too, by daydreaming about the colors of my summer garden. We're surrounded by all white right now, as well; I'd love to see some purple and pink in the garden very soon!

Popped over here from Jodi's at Bloomingwriter--nice to meet you!

kaye said...

what a unique coloration on that lily.

Book Dilettante said...

Welcome, Rose. Nice to see you here.

kaye: I found this lily in upstate New York one summer, at a roadside flower shop. I haven't seen any like it in Ohio.

Den Relojo said...

Lovely photos.

Jingle said...


How R U this Monday?
Friendship awards 4 u.

enjoy A beautiful Day in mid May!

Jingle said...


Happy Friday..
Thank you for commenting on my magpie tale!


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