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Oct 8, 2009

California flora

One of California's unusual flowering bushes

White crane among waterlilies

Lily hangs over the sidewalk.

Oct 1, 2009

Italian and Thai Basil

My dining room is fragrant with the smell of basil. I think it's the purplish Thai basil that's giving off the herbal fragrance. I planted both kinds this summer in the garden and have potted them for the indoors. I only hope they will survive in front of the south window, and may have to give them and the other indoor plants some artificial light.

In the green mix by the window are a long box of basil, a large pot with a banana plant and its large sucker (making it two plants), a lemon leaf tree, and a small planter with philodendron, a palm, and a few other tropical plants. I often lose the herbs in winter from lack of light and maybe some neglect. Will see how they do this winter.


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