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Aug 26, 2013

Pachysandra Gone Wild

Pachysandra terminalis 

This is the hardy groundcover, Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge), which I planted several years ago in the back yard, to cover a dip in the ground left after a cottonwood tree was removed by the former house owner. Now this creeping vine has spread in a thick cover where chipmunks hide.

Unfortunately, now it harbors mice or small rats which I saw darting out to feed on the birdseed that have fallen to the ground. This weekend we'll mow half of the pachysandra down and confine it to the dip in the ground. It had moved over into the grass, and though it looks lovely, it's gone wild, in more sense than one!

I may even stop feeding the birds for a while to make sure the rodents clear out. Where is that roving black neighborhood cat, the one that used to patrol the backyard in the mornings, now that I need it?


Wood Water Garden said...

Now in a large oval shape, it will be cut back to a small circle, where on a few small critters, like chipmunks, can hide.

Hannah said...

The Pachysandra looks great, too bad about providing cover for rats. I planted some in a very dry place under a ramp and it has not spread at all, so I've been disappointed in it. I have a very good hunter cat but she can't be relied on to get everything, I have a lot of trouble with voles and moles, but she does pick off a lot of the new baby bunnies every year.

Wood Water Garden (Harvee) said...

Hannah, I guess the pachysandra likes some moisture. It certainly runs rampant under the trees in my backyard.


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