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Jul 15, 2009

Robin's Nest Revisited

I'e been neglecting this blog terribly, even though the garden is full of birds and critters, a few new plants and flowers, and there is a lot to post about.

Back to the robin's nest. We found out that robins can lay eggs up to three times a year, beginning in spring and through summer. A robin, I don't know which, has been coming back to the now empty nest. It has been sitting and fussing in the nest on and off and seems to have been fixing it up, maybe for another clutch of eggs?

However, I haven't seen the robin in a few days. Abandoned the nest again after buzzing back and forth to it, like a mother with empty nest syndrome (laugh)? My better half had left a long green water hose on the lawn. I hope that sight didn't scare the robin away! I wouldn't mind looking at another set of eggs getting hatched right outside my front window!

Anyway, I rolled up the green snake-like water hose and it's now out of sight! We'll see if said robin(s) come back!

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