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May 5, 2009

Harvey, bichon frise

We lost our 14-year old bichon Harvey on June 5 last year and we still miss him. Even in his later years, Harv was never afraid to look you straight in the eye. Our fearless little dog used to challenge much bigger dogs in the neighborhood with his animated barking. but then he would become very friendly up close.


Ann, bichon frise owner said...

Sorry to hear about the lost. Don't worry, I know Harvey is in a peaceful place right now. My former dog died due to silicon poisoning because of a meat filled with silicon powder thrown in our backyard. I wish those who poisoned him will get what they deserve.

Book Dilettante said...

Ann: So sorry to hear about your bichon. That is so sad and so cruel. I know how you must have felt when that happened.


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