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Oct 26, 2008

Fall Blooms

Okay, so my significant other "weeded out" most of my yellow and lavender mums in the front yard and threw them away. !#$%!. That was in the spring, by the way. But I'm promised purged plants will be replanted elsewhere in the future.

So, what's blooming at the end of October? Mums of course, the red and lavender ones that survived in the front and a great big mum bush of red-with-yellow centers in the back yard. Also, those two knock out rose bushes I planted about a month ago are blooming nicely, with double red rose petals. They are still small bushes though and I hope they will spread out a bit next summer.

What else blooms this time of year?

Two bright red African impatients are still putting out flowers, and one of the canna lily bulbs I planted finally produced tiny yellow flowers. I don't know if the flowers are miniscule because of the type of canna or because the bushes are new to the soil. Am going to leave them in the ground and hope for a mild winter and big lilies next year. (The Farmer's Alamanac predicts warmer than usual winter temps in Zone 5). Keeping fingers crossed.

My shishigashira, Japanese Lion's Head Maple, has not yet turned color by the way. It is usually the last tree in the yard to change color and will go from a deep green to deep orange.

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