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Aug 5, 2008

Green and Black-Eyed Susans

This flower is called Gloriosa Daisy Prairie Sun. I planted it to add its bright yellow to the garden.

I love the deep purple-brown velvet of the daisy's "eye" which makes it a kind of cone flower black-eyed susan. It's technical name - Rudbeckia hirta "Toto, a perennial flower.

A few more views of green-eyed Rudbeckia daisies.
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Couldn't resist putting some yellow among the pink and red flowers in the back yard. Now if I could only find some blue and lavender...


lottery gambling said...

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Blue Heron said...

Love the daisies. For lavender/blue, can you grow pentas where you are?

Book Bird Dog said...

I think pentas will grow in this region. None available at one local store, which had lots of white and purple azalea plants. However, these bloom only in the spring.


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